Black Mom and 21-Year-Old Daughter, Owners of Virtual Assistance Firm Celebrate 6 Years in Business

Essynce Moore and her mom, Dr. Starr

It has been six years already and 21-year-old Essynce Moore and her mom, Dr. Starr Barrett, the dynamic duo behind the fastest-growing Black-owned virtual assistance firm called The Very Essynce of Virtual Assistants LLC, are still revolutionizing the industry. With a strong commitment to entrepreneurship and passing on invaluable life skills, Starr is empowering her daughter to thrive in every aspect of life.

Their company offers personalized assistant and virtual office administration services encompassing secretarial tasks, marketing support, and bookkeeping, all at highly competitive rates. What sets them apart is their executive team comprising minority women dedicated to delivering exceptional value, unparalleled customer service, and exceeding client expectations. Their clientele are small/medium businesses, non-profits, and high-profile clients.

Essynce serves as the VP of Youth Development, inspiring and guiding fellow young entrepreneurs with invaluable advice, confidence-building strategies, and a blueprint for launching their ventures. She believes that representation matters, and peers benefit immensely from learning from someone who mirrors their own journey.

In today's fast-evolving business landscape, the demand for global connectivity and efficiency is unprecedented. Their company is not just a luxury but a necessity, relieving businesses and entrepreneurs of the burdensome tasks associated with managing a global clientele. By outsourcing administrative responsibilities, clients can focus on strategic growth and innovation, truly working "on" their businesses rather than "in" them.

"We are driven by a passion to deliver top-tier services that instill pride in our customers. We believe in bringing our business vision to life through action, emotion, and care," says Dr. Starr.

Furthermore, their company provides opportunities for individuals, especially single parents and those juggling multiple responsibilities, to achieve flexibility while working from home.

To learn more about The Very Essynce of Virtual Assistants or to utilize their services, call 888-377-9623 (ESSYNCE) or visit their website at

Also, be sure to follow them on Facebook (@EssynceEmpire) and Instagram (@EssynceVirtualAssistants).

The Very Essynce of Virtual Assistants is the epitome of solutions for both business and personal lifestyle needs. Their vision is to master the art of administrative services, creating a masterpiece of diligence. Operating from their fully equipped office with assistants available 24/7, their services range from travel arrangements and calendar updates to bookkeeping and marketing support.

For press inquiries, contact or 888-377-9623 (ESSYNCE)

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