Media Mogul to Launch the Newest Black-Owned Brand of Cold Brew Coffee

After a year of market testing and valuable feedback, media mogul Philip Balonwu is expanding his business portfolio with the upcoming launch of Afrovibes Cold Brew Coffee in February 2024. He says that it will be the most cultural beverage in the world.Philip, who is the founder of Afrovibes TV & Radio, says that his cold brew coffee brand is locally roasted and bottled by a coffee sommelier, ensuring the highest quality beans are used to create the perfect flavor profile that resonates with the community.

It is also is made with the highest quality ingredients promising to provide the right amount of energy to start the day. The relaunch in the first quarter of 2024 will introduce new flavors and an enhanced content experience, marking an exciting chapter in the Afrovibes brand's journey.

A national tour is already being planned in cities like Houston, Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles, promising a flavorful and content-rich coffee experience. Philip and his team have ambitious plans to broaden their reach by distributing to all major stores that carry coffee products. Additionally, they aim to expand distribution across different states in America, bringing the unique taste and cultural richness of Afrovibes Coffee to a wider audience.

For press inquiries or media interviews, contact Sharon C. Jenkins at or 832-778-3433.

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