Mom, Dad, 4 Daughters Launch Newest Black-Owned Beauty Supply Store in California

Black family owners of Charlene's Beauty Supply

Charlene's Beauty Supply, a Black-owned beauty supply store in Northern California, is thriving after having launched just a few months ago thanks to the entire family's efforts. Owned and operated by Charlotte and Chris Haynes and their four daughters, the store offers a wide range of beauty and hair care products.

The store proudly carries several Black-owned brands of various products such as wigs, weaves, extensions, shampoos, conditioners, hair oil, beard oil, and hair wraps. They also actively encourage customers to suggest products they would like to see in the store, ensuring the store meets the needs and preferences of the local community.

According to The Sacramento Bee, the store's name, Charlene, was inspired by Charlotte's grandmother, who was a strong and influential figure in the family. She aims to carry on her family's legacy and achieve her dream of becoming a business owner. As a mother of four daughters, Charlotte noticed the lack of Black-owned beauty supply stores and decided to change that.

After attending a hair conference in 2019, Charlotte started her journey by introducing Charlene's Beauty Supply through a vending machine in a mall. She says that during the pandemic, she felt really motivated to open a physical location for the store, and in May 2023, Charlene's Beauty Supply finally opened its doors to the local community.

The Haynes family is heavily involved in the business. Charlotte's husband, Chris, who is an NBA journalist, supports her as a marketing specialist, while their daughters contribute by managing social media and customer interactions.

Having been open for just over a month, Charlene's Beauty Supply has received overwhelming support from their friends, family, the Elk Grove community, and even well-known figures from various fields. The Haynes family is grateful for the community's support and wants to create a welcoming and inclusive space. They aim to provide not only products but also educational resources, workshops, and services to help customers with their beauty needs.

Be sure to follow their brand on Instagram @CharlenesBeautySupply

Also, support the business by going to its location at 8694 Elk Grove Blvd, Suite 5, Elk Grove, CA

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