First Ever Black-Owned Barbershop College in Toledo, Ohio Opens

T.O.L. Barber College

T.O.L. Barber College, the first Black-owned barber school in Toledo, Ohio, has opened its doors to aspiring entrepreneurs in the haircare industry. Its owner Antwan Turner, who is a barber himself, hopes that it will inspire his students to lead a path to a better life.

Throughout most of his life, Turner has been cutting hair as a job. He thought he could also help other people learn the skill by opening his own barber school. What's more, he said his barber school offers more than just learning about hair. He aspires to ensure that it would also serve as a stepping stone to a brighter future.

"Not only is this a college -- a school of barbering -- but, in the barber world, we talk about everything. So, this school is geared towards that too," Turner told WTOL.

At present, the school has 16 students and Turner is very proud of their remarkable progress. He said nearly 80% of the students didn't have any experience in the field when they first came but with daily lessons from certified barbers, they have made significant improvements. They were taught not only to become barbers but to become entrepreneurs as well.

Moreover, Turner, who was upset about the recent string of gun violence involving youth in the city of Toledo, hopes the institution could provide an outlet for positive change and lead to a better community.

"If they want to help themselves, or they're tired of the riff-raff that they're going through, they can come on out of it and come talk to me. We can get you enrolled," Turner said. "The knowledge I'm giving and resources I'm giving are worth more than money."

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