Natural Hair Stylist Honors Her Late Mom With Product Line That Helps Women With Dry Hair and Scalp Issues

Kenyatta Nicole, founder of Nora's Haircare Collection

Meet Kenyatta Nicole, a specialist in natural hair care and styling, who has launched Nora's Haircare Collection, a unique product line designed to help women who struggle with various issues from dry scalp, split ends, dry hair, and even hair growth. She is also known and respected as an avid educator who shares valuable tips with her salon clients about at-home hair maintenance and aftercare.

As a child, Kenyatta always showed a passion for the beauty industry. She went on to earn a Master Cosmetology degree from Empire Beauty School in Kennesaw, Georgia, and decided to name her product line after her late mother, Nora, who herself was also an entrepreneur but sadly died in 2010. During the pandemic, she was inspired to launch the company as a supplementary idea to the salon that she already owns in the Atlanta area.

Her best-selling products include the Healthy Hair Growth Bundle Kit, Nora’s Extra Strength Hair Serum, Yes Moisture Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave-in Spray, Nora’s Restoring Shampoo, and more. All of the products were designed for women of all ages.

“My products mean so much to me because they are my way of helping women help themselves,” says Kenyatta. “I didn’t know what to name my product line at first, I prayed about it and suddenly came to me. This was the chance to honor my mother – the woman who created me. It was my way of sharing her with the world.”

So, what makes Nora different from the myriad of companies and products promising quick fixes and solutions to women’s crowns? The products are all made of natural ingredients that encourage hair growth help customers to achieve healthy hair at home and between salon visits. It is true that the hair care industry is saturated with products that promise to turn hair from drab to fab. Sadly, many of these products fail to deliver on those promises. Indeed, sorting through the hair care market can be frustrating and time-consuming.

The Kenyatta Nicole Store & Salon, located at 1810 Spring Road in Smyrna, Georgia, saves women the hassle of searching for professional products to help women with dry, flaky, itchy scalp, hair moisture, and hair growth. The Nora line features shampoo, conditioner, and a hair growth serum among other products, all of which have received rave reviews from customers and clients.

Inspiration for the store and Nora products came while Kenyatta was working in a salon before the pandemic. As she listened to her clients talk of their hair issues, she thought about how she could help them add moisture and grow their natural curls and tresses. When the pandemic hit and salons, like other businesses around the world shut down, Kenyatta turned her attention to creating her all-natural product line. It was the perfect way to merge her two loves – helping women achieve and maintain healthy hair and honoring her mother.

Additionally, she offers a hair quiz to help women discern their hair challenges. Upon completing the quiz, Kenyatta reaches out to each woman to suggest solutions to their hair challenges. Take the quiz here.

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