This Entrepreneur Has Generated $75M in Online Sales For Black-Owned Businesses in 6 Years

Terry Foster

Meet Terry Foster, founder and CEO of Terry Foster Consulting, a boutique digital marketing agency that helps Black-owned brands scale to 7-figures and beyond with profitable paid traffic. He started the company six years ago after getting fired from a corporate job in 2016.

Terry, who was born in Pittsburgh but now resides in Atlanta, has hired a team of over 20 people. Through the course of 6 years, he has managed over $15 million in ad spend and generated over $75 million in online sales and has helped 14 Black-owned businesses generate over $1 million in a single year with paid traffic.

One of Terry's clients is Nae Nae Naturals, a brand that creates safe and effective beauty products for women who want natural, toxic-free products for their hair and skin. Terry and his team helped this brand scale from $400 a day to $40K a day in sales. Recently, the brand hit $5 million in sales and has been able to move from a garage into a warehouse.

Terry comments, “My passion is to help Black entrepreneurs scale up to the use of profitable paid traffic so that they can create the business of their dreams.”

He adds, “One of the most important things to me is having an impact. That is why I created the TFC Scale Session where business owners can scale up their businesses with Facebook ads.”

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