Black Lawyer Launches Low-Cost Program to Teach Entrepreneurs How to Protect Their Brand

LeTonya Moore of Southern Regional Law Group

Small, disadvantaged businesses that are concerned about the legal fees associated with intellectual property and the thought of having their ideas stolen, can now get help from a new program launched by LeTonya F. Moore, Esq., Managing Partner of Southern Regional Law Group, LLC, a Black-owned brand protection firm that has extended their intellectual property services

Its team of attorneys and intellectual property practitioners can help alleviate the frightening, frustrating and time-consuming chore of dealing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office through the Legalproof Your Business™ Emerging Entrepreneurs Program.

"Within an instant, someone can copy your look, logo, and lingo," said LeTonya. "After years of potential new clients seeking assistance only to be turned away for lack of funding or their situation was beyond repair. Our desire with this program is to close the intellectual property ownership gap and assist emerging brands in leveling the playing field."

The firm's intellectual property collaborative team provides guided trademark and copyright assistance (such as counseling, registration support, application preparation and filing), along with the formation and organization of entities including LLCs and non-profits.

Moore offers these three important tips for those dealing with fear involving their intellectual property:

1. Don't skimp on protecting your intellectual property. The longer you wait, the worse the problem becomes because if you are using the mark in the marketplace, you run a great risk of someone else taking, without recourse.

2. Know all your options. In many cases, business owners think they need services that they do not need or they are unaware that there are payment options available to make protecting intellectual property rights attainable for just about any budget.

3. Ask for help. An intellectual property attorney or other practitioners can help you deal with and understand the complexities surrounding your intellectual property needs and be able to prescribe a customized plan of action. The specialist can help you determine your chances of success through the IP program.

The program will service business owners nationwide.

To learn more and/or to apply for the program, visit:

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