8-Year Old YouTuber Launches Business Selling Coronavirus Kits

Bryson Best, a third-grader and kid YouTuber

Coronavirus is molding the next generation of entrepreneurs, proving that age is not necessarily a measure of success. Just ask 8-year old Bryson Best, a third-grader and kid YouTuber, who literally turned lemons into lemonade by transforming an idea into a thriving business despite COVID-19.
In 2019, Bryson launched his YouTube Channel, The Kid Knows Sports, where he provides sports content and commentary from a kid’s point of view. Although the channel was experiencing consistent growth, professional sports came to a screeching halt this past March due to COVID-19, making it challenging for him to provide the entertaining sports coverage his subscribers had grown accustomed to.

As a result, Bryson quickly learned the power of the pivot and started looking for ways to keep his family and friends safe from Coronavirus. In June, he decided to expand his brand by selling The Kid Knows Sports "Coronavirus Kits." These kits include a 2-ounce hand sanitizer and an anti-microbial, washable facemask with The Kid Knows Sports logo.

With the help of his parents, he ordered his product, perfected his sales pitch, and started selling his kits locally to friends and family. He recently sold out of his first 50 kits and divided his proceeds into three jars: Give. Save. Spend. He donated $200 of his earnings to Baby Bundles, a Charlotte nonprofit that provides essential items for newborn babies to families in need. In addition, he also donated $150 to the Pride Entrepreneur Education Program an organization that mentors youth and encourages entrepreneurship.

“I love sports, it’s my passion,” Bryson explained. “So it feels pretty amazing to able to use my platform to help keep people safe from coronavirus and give back to the community at the same time. It's a win-win!”

Recently, Bravegowns, the LA-based company that makes his masks, offered to sell his masks directly on their website. For a limited time, The Kids Knows Sports facemasks are available for purchase at www.bravegowns.com/products/the-kid-knows-sports.

“I am very grateful to Bravegowns and Summer Germann for our collaboration,” he added. “I never thought I’d have the opportunity to sell my masks online, so this is very exciting.”

He's already sold close to 100 masks online and has had orders from North Carolina, Wisconsin, Texas, Ohio, and Louisiana. For more information, please visit TheKidKnowsSports.com and www.youtube.com/thekidknowssports.

For press inquiries, contact Nepherterra Best at 414-704-9932 or kidknowssports@gmail.com
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