Black-Owned Hot Sauce Brand Turning Heads Nationally

Paul and Tasia Ford, founders of Big Red's Hot Sauce

Big Red’s Hot Sauce is a brand that is on its way to becoming synonymous with “hot sauce”. With over 11 different flavors of hot sauces and over 20 different awards, this Black-owned company is on fire!
Paul and Tasia Ford, the husband-and-wife team from Phoenix, Arizona, behind Big Red’s, have crafted “Arizona-style” hot sauces for over eight years. This team is involved in every aspect of production. Paul is the creative artist behind the fun characters on the bottles and the unique flavor profiles. As a team, they do it all, including manufacturing their own product.

Big Red’s Hot Sauce is known for: The Flavor Tour. This is how customers experience the full range of sauces. They take you on a journey from mild, sweet, and spicy and hot to even hotter!

Speaking of tours, the company completed a tour in 2019, covering states such as California, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Illinois, Oregon, and New York - just to name a few.

If that isn’t impressive, they’ve won best overall in every Peoples Choice competition they've entered! That is why Big Red’s is known as the “people’s hot sauce”.

Paul is known as the hot sauce apostle. “Layers of complex flavor” is how Paul describes his approach. With flavors like BlackBerry Rum, the AZ Jerk, Green Chili Avocado, and a tropical mango mustard that they call the Big Yella, there is no wonder they are a crowd favorite.
Building a flavor is an art form. “With the prickly pear sauce,” he says, “you taste a little hint of rosemary in there. Plus, you taste sweet from the prickly pear itself.”

Paul’s ghost pepper sauce is his most acclaimed. Though the ghost pepper was once the world’s hottest, the sauce isn’t a YouTube sauce. There’s enough flavor to curb the heat. Paul and Tasia say their mission is to make this world more flavorful one bottle at a time.

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About Paul and Tasia Ford
In 2011, Paul left his job as a driller, bought a new truck, and invested his life savings in Big Red’s. He would find out shortly after that his wife, Tasia, was pregnant with their first child. They’ve taken the skills acquired from their previous work experience along with their savings and put it into Big Red’s Hot Sauce. Although hot sauce is the vehicle, the destination is leaving a legacy for their 3 children.

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