Black Entrepreneur Opens First Ever Coworking Space For Women of Color in Los Angeles

Blackbird House of Coworking, created by Bridgid Coulter, provides a wellness oasis and creative incubator for women of color and allies to thrive in business and life.

Bridgid Coulter, Founder & CEO, Blackbird House of Coworking

Blackbird House of Coworking, the first-ever private global coworking space designed by and for women of color, has opened its first location headquartered in Culver City, California. Founder, Bridgid Coulter, designed Blackbird House to foster a collective of women of color and their allies, of all ethnicities and genders, with similar values rooted in diversity and inclusion.
Operating seven days a week, Blackbird House memberships offer part-time evening and weekend access, floating desks, dedicated desks and private office spaces; all fueled by three life-essential pillars:

● Productivity and access to the necessary tools for women of color to thrive professionally and personally, such as business services, professional workshops and programming.

● Wellness offerings to support effective work-life balance including daily yoga and meditation classes, a fitness center, kombucha on tap and a cafe with healthy options.

● Community rooted in diversity and inclusion, that welcomes and connects members through meet & greets, special interest clubs, and mentorship, to nurture members’ goals and growth.

As an entrepreneur with her own successful boutique design firm, Coulter once found herself as a member of other coworking spaces in Los Angeles, where she sought the need to fill a void that those facilities lacked - diversity and inclusiveness.

“My efforts to bring this new collective into being is the most tangible path I know to be of service to others in a meaningful way; to build a community with access for women of all stripes who are striving to make their mark around the globe. Now, with Blackbird, we have an opportunity to find each other,” explains Coulter.

Blackbird House is self-funded by Coulter and led by an advisory board made up entirely by women of color including, Dayna Lynne North, writer and executive producer of HBO’s Insecure; Valeria Hernandez, community organizer; Christina Gomes, social entrepreneur; Toni Thompson, tech and entertainment media strategist and others.

"As a writer that values collaboration, and telling stories of characters whose POV is often ignored, I've been looking for a workspace where I can create, feel recognized, and be inspired by those around me. When Bridgid invited me to join her on the Advisory of Blackbird, I was ecstatic. This! This is what I've been looking for. It’s an extension of the work I do. This is where I can thrive,” said Dayna Lynne North.

Following the successful Culver City pilot, Blackbird plans to strategically open in other US cities and international destinations such as London, Paris, Johannesburg, and Accra, to name a few.

Blackbird House is hosting a grand opening reception and financial panel discussion for existing and future members, Saturday, October 26, 2019, at its headquarters in Culver City, allowing guests to experience this one-of-a-kind community firsthand. Patrons interested in attending or wanting to learn more about membership opportunities can visit

About Blackbird House
Blackbird House of Coworking is a private global coworking collective focused on productivity, wellness & community; founded by and for women of color, welcome to allies. An industrial luxe location offers private offices, dedicated desks, shared workspaces, conference rooms, a podcast studio, flexible classroom, meditation loft, outdoor courtyard, lounges, performance stage and fitness room all available for members use. Headquartered at 10600 Virginia Ave, Culver City, California, Blackbird is open seven days a week along with member events happening year-round.
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