12 and 13-Year Old Brothers Run Their Own Bakery While Taking College Courses

Brothers Shane and Nigel Mushambi, founders of 2 Bros in the Kitchen

Brothers Shane and Nigel Mushambi, who are just 12 and 13-years old respectively, are already the founders and CEOs of their own Texas-based bakery called Two Bros. in the Kitchen while also going to school and even taking college-level classes. More than that, they also make sure to give back to their community.
Based in Missouri City, Shane and Nigel have always been passionate about baking. The idea to turn their passion into business came after they won a local baking competition for three consecutive years. When someone wanted to buy their winning piece, they realized they should start selling it.

In addition to making some money through the business, they donate part of their earnings to charity. They also use their funds to donate hundreds of meals to the homeless.

"We like giving back to the community because the community has given a lot to us," Shane told ABC 13. "We give to Fort Bend Cares and the JB Dondolo Foundation, which is trying to rebuild a hospital in Africa."

Aside from baking, the brothers are also fond of studying math and science. Shane, who is in 8th grade, is taking college-level math and engineering courses at Houston Community College. Nigel, who is a 7th-grader, is taking pre-calculus course. They try to incorporate what they learn in baking.

"I like to bake because it's a mix of art and a mix of science," said Shane. "You need to know how acids react to bases."

What's more, the unstoppable brothers also love writing and they recently published their first book, Beyond the Kitchen: How to Cook Up Success with Life's Mistakes, that aims to inspire young people like them to reach their dreams. For every book sold, a dollar goes o the JB Dondolo Foundation.

"It's about our failures that we've made in the kitchen and how we learned from them," said Nigel. "We just released our book last week."

"It teaches how you don't have to be perfect to succeed," said Shane. "It's okay to fail as long as you learn from it."

For more information about Two Bros. in the Kitchen and/or to order online, visit www.2brositk.com or follow them on Instagram @2BrosITK
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