Today’s Top Black-Owned Skincare Brands

Woman using Black-owned skincare products

Every purchase you make has the power to do good. Support Black-owned skincare companies that speak to your passions and create honest, thoughtful products. Your money can celebrate entrepreneurs that are paving the way for others in their communities. These black-owned skincare brands create products that celebrate skin with natural, unprocessed ingredients that will have you singing their praises.
1. Jacq’s Organics
Jacq’s Organics founder, Barbara Jacques, faced a deadly and frightening ovarian cancer diagnosis that made her reevaluate her relationship with her body. She decided that what she would put in and on her body would be of the utmost quality. This prompted her to create her own skin care line to honor herself and other women. She shares her love of the natural in her ethical, vegan, cruelty-free skincare line that promotes transparency, honesty, and living life to the fullest. The Dirty 30 Guarantee, which is a list of 30 common harmful chemicals, means that all her products are made without parabens, silicones, sulfates and preservatives.

2. Kaike
Keli Smith founded this plant-based skin care boutique following her own journey toward holistic living. Kaike (pronounced “cake”) realigns skincare with fun and celebration. It features dessert-inspired products like marshmallow masks and chocolate scrubs. The multipurpose focus of her brand creates even more value in her products—items like her stand-out Frosting moisturizer can be used on hair, skin, and lips!

3. Anne’s Apothecary
Clean, sustainable, and natural are the three words you’ll find on the Anne’s Apothecary website—and with good reason. The star ingredients of their products are clay, herbs, and oils because the company feels that skincare products should be safe enough to eat. They package their products in glass and PET plastic, which are fully recyclable and highly resistant to bacteria growth. This black-owned skincare company caters to all complexions and skin types, so don’t be afraid to give Anne’s Apothecary a try.

4. Beija-Flor Naturals
Based out of California, Stevonne Ratliff found that there were few products that catered to hyper-pigmentation, skin sensitivities, and kinky, coily, dry, color-treated hair. She took inspiration from her travels in Brazil and incorporates murumuru, tucuma, cupuaca and cocoa butter into all her products. She started her now successful business by using money from her unemployment checks as seed funding, dedicating herself to her vision of a pure, nourishing beauty line that catered to women of color. It looks like her gamble paid off!

5. Shear and Shine
Let’s not forget about the male Black-owned skincare brands! Shear and Shine believes feeling great starts with good grooming habits. Their brand caters to black men in matters of beard, skin, and Afro Caribbean hair care. In addition to all of their great products, they have an insightful grooming guide on their website that addresses common questions like male vs. female hair, how to pick shampoo for male hair, and more.
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