Black Mother-Daughter Entrepreneur Duo Launches Clever Solution for Hands-Free Handbags!

Rhonda and Jennifer Arthur, founders of Strap Dragons

Let’s face it, if you frequently carry a two-strapped handbag, you have undoubtedly struggled with keeping your straps from falling off your shoulder. But two African American entrepreneurs, Rhonda and her daughter, Jennifer, are experts on this irritating issue.
In 2012, Rhonda had recently made a major career change from an executive assistant to a bus operator. Most days, she woke up before dawn to inspect the bus, using a large two-strapped bag to carry her equipment. Since the weight of the bag was heavy, it frequently caused one strap to slip off her shoulder, and items often fell out of the bag. After regularly venting about the issue, Jennifer told her mother to stop complaining and do something about it - so they did!

Two years later, Strap Dragons was born; a stylish, functional, and easy-to-use fashion accessory for keeping two-strapped bag handles together. And now, the ingenious product is officially available on the marketplace!

It works by simply wrapping the Strap Dragon around one purse handle, utilizing the snap enclosure to secure it. A magnetic enclosure then secures both purse handles, while allowing easy access in and out of the purse without having to remove the Strap Dragon.

Each Strap Dragon is lovingly made from the highest quality leather by a local manufacturer based in greater Los Angeles. They are available in four styles - diva, bohemian, safari, and professional - in a variety of colors, sizes, materials, and finishes, offering something for everyone.

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