Black Family-Owned Restaurant Finds Success Serving Up Super Delicious BBQ Favorites

Founders of The BBQ Restaurant in Baltimore, MD
Marcus Bradford and Maurice Bradford Jr., founders of The BBQ
Who doesn't love a good barbecue? The next time you're in Baltimore, Maryland, be sure to check out this new Black-owned family restaurant. It's called The BBQ and they serve delicious barbecue favorites like ribs, pulled pork, pit turkey, baked beans, and their infamous BBQ Sandwich.

Keeping it in the family

The restaurant, located at 2602 Greenmount Avenue in Baltimore, is owned by 32-year-old Marcus Bradford. However, the whole idea began with his father, 59-year-old Maurice Bradford Sr.

Opening a restaurant was always his dream, and now his sons Marcus Bradford and Maurice Bradford Jr. are making that dream come true!

Not their first venture

Although the restaurant is a success, it is not the first business this family has owned. For 30 years, the family owned and operated B&B Lighting Supply, a well-known company in Baltimore. But barbecue was in their blood!

Even Maurice Sr.'s father (his sons' grandfather) always wanted to open a restaurant. But it was the success of their lighting company that enabled them to finally open their own restaurant. After a little over a year of planning and preparation, they opened for business.

Getting it right

The Bradfords know a lot about barbecue; It takes great patience and skill.

Maurice Sr. explains, “We marinade it for about 24 hours and it has to smoke in the smoker for 10-12 hours. You can’t rush the process.”

For more details about The BBQ, visit their web site at
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