Black-Owned Ice Cream Business Makes a Positive Impact on the Community

Taharka Brothers Ice Cream

There's a new short film out called "A Dream Preferred" about a group of young, black entrepreneurs in Baltimore, Maryland, who are using their ice cream business, Taharka Brothers Ice Cream, to create social change. But how?

As they explain it, "Ice cream is the secret to social change and putting away stereotypes." Each flavor in their lineup of delicious, homemade ice cream is named after "social activists who have shaped the market." In 2013, their company received the Best of Baltimore Award for the best ice cream in Baltimore.

An inspiration to others

They are an inspiration to others and are making an impact on neighborhoods. They recently met an aggressive goal to raise $28,000 in 29 days to revamp a delivery truck that would allow them to take their product on the road throughout various neighborhoods. The truck is called "Food For Thought" and is now seem throughout Baltimore neighborhoods offering the best ice cream, and a positive message "When you fight for what you believe in, dreams happen."

But why socially-conscious?

According to their web site: "We use our award-winning ice creams, sorbets, and business initiatives to party for the right to fight for a better and brighter tomorrow. Our offerings serve as a vessel for the continuous flow of conversations in support of cultural understanding, economic and social justice, civic involvement, and actions of uplift for the powerless."

The amazing 22-minute film is directed by Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing, and is produced by Tribeca Digital Studios, in association with American Express. It celebrates small businesses and entrepreneurs.

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